20 Ways to Spend Barter Dollars

Being part of a barter exchange is an amazing way to build your business: You are able to make new connections, increase your sales, and conserve your cash.

One of the best ways to be successful with barter is to really incorporate it into your day-to-day life by spending barter dollars instead of cash whenever possible.

Here are 20 Ways to Spend Barter Dollars (and Keep Your Cash!):

  1. Repairing & Maintaining Your Vehicle
  2. Taking Clients Out for Lunch
  3. Printing Your Business Cards and Flyers
  4. Paying a Virtual Assistant
  5. Getting Your Bookkeeping or Taxes Done
  6. Rewarding Your Staff with Barter Bonuses
  7. Rewarding Loyal Customers with Gift Certificates You Bought on Barter
  8. Updating Your Website
  9. Paying for Advertising and Marketing
  10. Hiring a Blog Writer or Social Media Marketer
  11. Having Business or Family Photos Taken
  12. Making Wine to Give Out as Door Prizes
  13. Getting Your Carpets Cleaned
  14. Having Renovations Done
  15. Getting Your Hair Cut
  16. Paying for Your Kid’s Birthday Party
  17. Taking Your Pet to the Vet
  18. Going to the Gym or Yoga Studio
  19. Taking Care of Your Health (Naturopath, Acupuncture, etc.)
  20. Taking a Holiday

Want to know where YOU could use barter dollars instead of cash? “Tick the Boxes” at here to find out. Submit the form for a free review of your business’s barter potential.

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