Spring Social Barter Mixer – May 25th, 2017

Join us for an evening of casual networking and fun at Jack’s Pub!
Meet other business owners and make new connections!
Thursday, May 25th, 2017

6:00PM – 8:00PM
Jack’s Public House
9082 152nd St., Surrey

Appetizers & 1 drink included.
Only $15 barter.

Contact FCBE to register today: 604.759.3223, info@barterfirst.com

Barter Workshop & Networking – June 14th, 2017

Join us for an interactive workshop and learn how to make the most of your barter membership.
Know someone you’d like to introduce to barter?
Bring them along. Admission is free.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
5:30PM – 7:30PM
Surrey City Centre Library
Room #405 – 10350 University Drive., Surrey

Contact FCBE to register today: 604.759.3223, info@barterfirst.com

20 Ways to Spend Barter Dollars

Being part of a barter exchange is an amazing way to build your business: You are able to make new connections, increase your sales, and conserve your cash.

One of the best ways to be successful with barter is to really incorporate it into your day-to-day life by spending barter dollars instead of cash whenever possible.

Here are 20 Ways to Spend Barter Dollars (and Keep Your Cash!):

  1. Repairing & Maintaining Your Vehicle
  2. Taking Clients Out for Lunch
  3. Printing Your Business Cards and Flyers
  4. Paying a Virtual Assistant
  5. Getting Your Bookkeeping or Taxes Done
  6. Rewarding Your Staff with Barter Bonuses
  7. Rewarding Loyal Customers with Gift Certificates You Bought on Barter
  8. Updating Your Website
  9. Paying for Advertising and Marketing
  10. Hiring a Blog Writer or Social Media Marketer
  11. Having Business or Family Photos Taken
  12. Making Wine to Give Out as Door Prizes
  13. Getting Your Carpets Cleaned
  14. Having Renovations Done
  15. Getting Your Hair Cut
  16. Paying for Your Kid’s Birthday Party
  17. Taking Your Pet to the Vet
  18. Going to the Gym or Yoga Studio
  19. Taking Care of Your Health (Naturopath, Acupuncture, etc.)
  20. Taking a Holiday

Want to know where YOU could use barter dollars instead of cash? “Tick the Boxes” at here to find out. Submit the form for a free review of your business’s barter potential.

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5 Ways to Know if Barter is Right for You

Have you been thinking about joining a barter exchange and wonder if it’s right for you?

There are many benefits to a barter membership. You can get new customers, improve your cash flow, make business connections, and buy things without having to spend cash. However, barter isn’t for everyone. Here are 5 ways to know if barter is right for you:

  1. Do you have room for more clients in your schedule?
    Want to fill more billable hours? If you are booked months in advance, now may not be the time for barter. However, if you have a service based business that is looking for more clients, barter is worth considering.
  2. Do you have excess capacity?
    Do you have a hotel, bed & breakfast, timeshare or other rental space that is not fully booked? Barter is an excellent way to generate income from a resource that would otherwise go to waste. The same holds true for media – if you have a newspaper or radio show that could use more advertisers, barter could be the answer.
  3. Do you have excess inventory?
    Are you a retailer, wholesaler or distributor with inventory you’d like to move? Maybe you have samples, seasonal items or slow moving stock. Barter is a great way to sell these items at regular retail prices instead of discounting.
  4. Do you have places to spend the barter dollars you earn?
    If you are interested in joining a barter exchange, have a look at the other members in the system to see where you can spend your barter dollars. The size of the network is important, but it’s not the only consideration. Spend time with a barter representative who can show you what is available and how it can relate to your business and personal needs. Check out the variety of items available on barter and consider joining the hundreds of barter members who are saving thousands of dollars in cash.

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Using Barter Dollars to Buy & Sell Real Estate

With Vancouver’s hot real estate climate, it’s more and more challenging to get into the real estate market, and while finding a property in Vancouver with a barter component may be unlikely, there are other great options to use barter dollars to purchase real estate and get on the property ladder.

One such opportunity exists in Merritt. There is a real estate group which owns 7 townhomes and is using barter as a way to attract potential buyers. These 3-bedroom, positive cash flow townhomes are being offered for $125,000, with $25,000 of that payable in First Canadian Barter dollars. They are currently rented and can even come with rental protection and property management services if desired.

This isn’t the only opportunity to use barter dollars to purchase real estate. 7 km west of Sun Peaks Mountain Resort, 6 acres of land in a picturesque valley is being offered for $199,000, with 40% of that payable in barter dollars. A lot in New Brunswick, upon which you can build 2 dwellings, is also for sale for $25,000, with 50% accepted in barter dollars.

For sellers, accepting payment in barter dollars allows them to attract new buyers that they wouldn’t have found otherwise, and it makes their properties more attractive compared to others on the market. Last month a 4-plex in New Brunswick was sold for $138,000, with $27,600 accepted in barter dollars. The seller was able to free up the cash he had tied up in the property so he could pursue another opportunity. The buyer was able to purchase a property that generates cash flow. She is also looking forward to taking advantage of the New Brunswick government grant that contributes up to $25,000 per door to revitalize older properties.

John Madsen has been involved in barter for many years and has used barter in more than 100 real estate transactions involving land, mainly in rural BC. John was able to pick up properties using barter dollars during the ‘80s when interest rates spiked and people wanted to unload their recreational and holding properties. Several years ago, he sold a property near Shuswap Lake to a computer repair company that belonged to First Canadian Barter Exchange.

Timeshares are another form of deeded real estate that can be purchased on barter. Over the years, many First Canadian Barter Exchange members have purchased timeshares in various locations including Mexico, Hawaii and Arizona.

Even in a hot market, there are still barter opportunities if you look for them. First Canadian Barter Exchange also has realtors, mortgage brokers, architects, renovation companies, movers, cleaning companies and many other members that will help you to reduce the costs associated with buying and selling real estate. The key is being creative and keeping in touch with your barter broker.

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Barter Your Way to Better Health

Just because good health is priceless, that doesn’t mean it’s free.

While there are many free or cost effective things you can do to maintain good health – make healthy food choices, go walking or running, take time to relax or meditate – sometimes the services of a professional are required. Unfortunately, not all health-related services are covered by MSP and many small business owners don’t have extended health plans.

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Small Biz Win Big Contest: We Have A Winner!

This month I had the pleasure of announcing the winner of our Small Biz Win Big Contest. On November 2nd, I presented Nathallee K. Hartwell from The Massage Studio with an award at our Small Business Celebration event at Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria Guildford. As the contest winner, Nathallee now has $25,000 worth of prizes geared towards growing her business. It was a fantastic night where small business owners enjoyed some great networking, good times and delicious pizza.

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