Len Goossen, Goossen & Associates

Len Goossen has been a Certified General Accountant for over 20 years. He has been with First Canadian Barter Exchange since its inception over 19 years ago and was one of the first dozen members to join.

Len had already been associated with other exchanges before joining First Canadian. “First Canadian Barter Exchange is definitely more stable, they’re good at weeding out the people who aren’t up front and fair. They are good at keeping their list current. Plus, the exchange is full of entrepreneur types willing to make deals when you really need it, and that’s what sets them apart.”

When Len joined, he expected to have access to a new customer base and new business products and services and that’s exactly what he received. Being a member for many years, Len has purchased a wide variety of items and services, such as his family dog, two cars, accommodations and vacations and from time to time he even helped out his friends.

While he has used barter for both personal and business expenses, he advises, “Don’t use it for things you don’t need, it’s not play money, definitely not something you can throw away. Treat barter as a viable source of business expenses. Make use of the advertising that is available on barter and use it to generate new cash clients.”

What he likes the most about barter is that, “First Canadian Barter Exchange will do their best to find what you need when you ask for it. Barter is also a rewarding experience for those who do not have the financial resources to get all the things they need. It gives them access to those business needs and really helps keep their business going.”