Teresa & John Holoman, Tasty Raw Chef

Putting together a wedding can be an expensive and time consuming process, but not for Teresa Holoman from Tasty Raw Chef, and her husband John. When their daughter decided to get married, they made the most of their barter dollars. Here’s their story in their own words.

“I wish to extend to you and your staff our most sincere gratitude and thanks for providing my company and myself with a first class experience through our most recent dealings with your company, First Canadian Barter Exchange. We have been a member of First Canadian Barter Exchange for over 10 years and we have always found the value of the service you provide to be excellent — you have always provided a great way for our small business to get the products and services we need to operate, all without spending our cash. Many times you all have worked extra hard, going above and beyond to meet our needs even sometimes by finding some very creative solutions! So you have always done well, but our most recent transaction has been just a phenomenal experience and as such I am compelled to write this letter of thanks to you.

My husband and I have recently had the pleasure of planning the wedding of our eldest daughter to a fine young man just this March. Now I do decidedly call it a pleasure because although I don’t have any prior experience planning a wedding, I have heard that it can be an extremely stressful and trying time — I know there are some horror stories out there!

But not for me! With the help of First Canadian Barter Exchange, I had all the major areas of the wedding finalized in a total of TWO days!

“Thank You" to Joanne from Angelic Visions for taking a plain wedding dress (and the dress for me, the mother of the bride) and hand sewing sequins and doing perfect alterations and making it simply spectacular;

“Thank You" to Adam of Sensational Sound Network for providing the perfect music at the perfect time, for getting everybody up to dance and have fun and doing it all in a professional manner;

“Thank You" to Craig and his wife from Craig Carmichael Photography for some of the best photographic work I’ve ever seen;

And a special “Thank You" to you Amber of First Canadian Barter Exchange; all your recommendations and your help were invaluable.

Everyone treated us so well, you’d have thought that we were spending cash! Once again, “Thank You" one and all for making the wedding of our daughter such a smooth and memorable event."