“Barter has been a great part of my life. I can't image being without barter. We do everything from vacationing to power washing the house, even buying our dog and my son’s bike: You name it, We find it on barter. Barter is awesome!”
Teresa Holoman, Tasty Raw Chef
Make Barter Part of Your Life
“We use barter to promote customer loyalty. When a customer spends over $1000 within a certain time frame, we reward them with certificates that we purchase on barter. This motivates them to continue being loyal customers. We also pay our employees in barter dollars as part of their regular salaries. Everyone has certain expenses – everyone needs a haircut, or a mover, or likes going out to a restaurant or spa once in a while. Employees can purchase these things and more using barter dollars. I generate barter dollars by selling excess inventory and my cost per barter dollar is quite low. Paying staff barter dollars gives me a break on my payroll, while allowing me to reward my staff.”
Neville Sinclair, Pacific West Perennial Growers Ltd.
Reward Staff and Build Customer Loyalty
“When I first signed up with First Canadian Barter Exchange, I was impressed with the number of members and the variety of products and services available. One of the first things I needed was office space, and I was having a hard time finding something in my price range. I was able to rent an office on barter and it worked out perfectly. I've benefited a great deal from meeting other businesses in the exchange. Since becoming a barter member, I’ve generated over $100,000 in new business. These are jobs I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do in the past. I highly recommend First Canadian to anyone who’s considering becoming a member.”
Chad Bernst, Crimson Electric
Access a New Customer Base
"I own and run a multi-million dollar Heating & Air Conditioning business and time is of the essence. I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for the 10 years I have been working with you and your wonderful team at First Canadian Barter Exchange. I look forward to many more. I strongly recommend First Canadian Barter Exchange to any business that is looking to increase their exposure in the marketplace and at the same time increase their client base."
Bayne Vardy CEO for BC Furnace
Increase Your Exposure and Client Base
"Over the past several years, I've reaped many rewards due to my participation in First Canadian Barter Exchange. With the help of the barter exchange, I've been able to turn slow-moving inventory into useful products and services. The best part is that I receive full retail value. Because we accept barter dollars, people are more open to trying new and different products. The staff at First Canadian are extremely helpful. There is no better barter organization when it comes to helping us use our barter dollars effectively."
Alan Glasser, Pharmacist & Talk Show Host, Mark’s North Delta Pharmacy
Improve Inventory Turnover
“One of the things I like most about being a member of First Canadian Barter Exchange is the fact that they are not just a barter exchange. These are real people, like an extension of my own family and my own business team. What they provide is not just service, it’s service that goes way beyond what you'd expect. They also have a tremendous range of goods and services available. I’ve used my barter dollars for accounting, automotive repair, windshield glass repair, printing, accommodations and much more. Barter has been a great benefit to me both personally and professionally.”
Neil Godin, Neil Godin International Inc.
Save cash & Fill Excess Capacity