Discover The Benefits of Barter

Barter members share their experiences.

Regardless of your industry, barter enables your business to be the best it can be. Here are just a few examples of the benefits that you can experience, based on your type of business.

Service-Based Businesses: Fill more of your billable hours by accepting barter customers. If you are not busy 100% of the time, you are losing potential revenue. We help you fill more of your billable hours and convert your extra time into additional income.

Product-Based Businesses: If you have a manufacturing plant or retail outlet, you may have been faced with the task of liquidating excess or seasonal inventory. This usually involves heavy discounting. Instead of discounting your merchandise, sell your products on barter for full retail value.

Businesses with Excess Capacity: If you operate a hotel, rent office space or hold workshops, there may be times when you are not filled to capacity. We can provide you with customers and convert your extra capacity into income that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Advertising/Media Companies: If you are involved in print, radio or television media, you may have unsold advertising spots. We provide you with customers and turn your unfilled ad spots into additional income. Media is one of the most popular member categories as many members are interested in advertising and with barter they have the budget to do so.

Businesses with High-Margins: Buying on barter allows you to buy at close to wholesale cost, because you are buying at the cost of your goods. For restaurants, professional service providers and more, this is an amazing reason that buying with barter is better.

The barter dollars you earn can then be used to purchase goods and services you’d normally be paying cash for.